The Institute of Child Health (ICH), College of Medical Sciences, University of Benin celebrates the World
Pneumonia Day 2016.
The ICH University of Benin celebrated the event with a rally which started at the Administration block
of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) Benin City. The Director ICH University of Benin; Prof
Mrs. A. E Sadoh gave an opening remark in which she pointed noted that pneumonia is the single
largest cause of death in children, especially in under-5s. She said that annually, pneumonia kills about
935,000 children worldwide which account for nearly 15% of all deaths. It is a disease that affects the
lungs (i.e the breathing apparatus of humans) and can squeeze out the breath of life of children and
adults. The most common cause of pneumonia is an organism (germs) which can be bacteria (most
especially Haemophilus influenzae Type B and Streptococcus pneumoniae), viruses and fungi.
Despite the fact that pneumonia kills, the disease is curable and preventable hence the need for public
awareness on pneumonia, its causes, risk factors, disease course, signs and symptoms, treatment and
preventive measures. The Chief Medical Director, University of Benin Teaching Hospital Prof M. O Ibadin
then addressed the rally. He highlighted the importance of the rally and public awareness in the prevention of childhood pneumonia.

The ICH team at the Foyer of University of Benin Teaching Hospital Administrative Block
[L-R: Prof E. Omoti (Deputy CMAC UBTH), Prof M. O Ibadin (CMD UBTH), Prof Mrs A. E Sadoh (Director
ICH), Member of the Press, then members of ICH Staff]

The rally then moved from the University of Benin Teaching Hospital Administration Block to the Vice
The chancellors’ Office University of Benin.
The rally proceeded from the University of Benin to major streets in Benin City with a brief stop-over at
strategic locations such as Edaiken Market along Lagos_Uselu Road, Oliha Market at Siluko Road, Oba
Market at Ring Road, Mission Road Market at Mission Road and New Benin Market at New Benin Road.
The members of the press participated fully in the awareness campaign i.e news crew from the
Independent Television/ Radio Benin City and the Bendel News Paper Company Limited, the publishers
The Nigerian Observer Newspaper.

The ICH Rally Team setting-out from University of Benin


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